YoSafari Project


Service Overview

Red Skies Technology UK has developed a GPS based Commuter Transport Control and Payment System (branded as YoSafari) to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of commuter transportation systems in developing economies. YoSafari enables commuters will use smart ticketing to make payments for their journeys. Each vehicle licensed/authorised to carry commuters is fitted with technology that will be used to manage their operations and also receive payments from commuters. Travel transactions are processed instantly and transfers are made to operators based on the commuters they have carried during the day. Taxes and any levies are also automatically applied and transferred to appropriate government/regulatory body. The YoSafari system also has the ability to restrict services to predefined locations and also enforce some very basic form of tolling to manage congestion normally caused by the vast numbers of people carriers in developing cities.

Quick Facts

  • YoSafari provides smart ticketing solution for the informal and formal transport ecosystems that exist in most developing cities. The commuters have to use smart tickets on a mobile device/phone instead of cash.
  • Informal transport operators are restricted to only their licensed routes.
  • Journey fees are not controlled by the operators.
  • Authorities are be able to set rules about where operators can "rank"/collect commuters.
  • System gives ability to control journey costs by route, by time of day and also by distance travelled.
  • System provides ability to chose between fixed journey costs for a route or per kilometre/mile charging.
  • Local Authorities are able to collect tax and levies at the point of travel, and the taxes are transferred directly into their accounts on a daily basis.
  • More than one tax or levy can be configured into the system for each city or country.
  • Local Authorities have access to reliable data to help plan their transport systems.
  • Commuters have ability to pre purchase their travel credit and store this in smart tickets that will come in various types.
  • The same ticketing can be used within a city for both formal and informal transport ecosystems.


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